Public Writing

This page is dedicated to some of the work I have published as essays, journalism, and creative nonfiction. I strongly believe that a crucial component to the role of an academic is to foster inquiry both inside and outside of the communities in which we live and teach. Therefore, what follows is my ongoing efforts to translate my research interests to wider, public audiences. Of course, like most folks who genuinely enjoy writing, sometimes it’s just for fun.

From 2006 to 2016, I was a regular contributor to The Noise, Arts & News(80+ issues). During this time, I have written news stories, essays, book reviews, and poetry. Here are some recent contributions (the last one is the most recent). I am in the process of adding to this…

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Journalism on the San Francisco Peaks Controversy:

While I have covered many local social and environmental issues over the years in northern Arizona, I found myself drawn to the complexity of a controversy involving development by the Arizona Snowbowl ski resort on the San Francisco Peaks. This controversy continues to shape many of my interests as an academic, teacher, and writer. Below is a series of articles I wrote from 2009-2012 for The Noise regarding this on-going issue (I apologize for the scan quality of some of these).

Peaks1 Peaks2 Peaks3 Peaks4 Peaks5 Peaks6 Peaks7 Peaks8 Peaks9 Peaks13Peaks10 Peaks11 Peaks12


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My Town Wasted Scarce Water for a Celebration,” High Country News, “Writers on the Range” Column Service, Aug 2014

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